The Rain

It has been raining here since Thursday night. In fact, it precipitated non-stop from about 6:00pm Thursday until about 5:00pm Sunday. I absolutely love the rain. In Texas, you have to love it when it comes because we just don’t get that much of it, although you can’t say that about this last weekend. With lots of rain comes lots of great things as well as lots of problems. The rain brings much needed nourishment to the land, it fills the rivers and lakes, and it simply cleans the air, settling the dust. On the other hand, rain sometimes brings treacherous road conditions and occasionally sweeping waters that make it dangerous to be out. We need rain. We all know that rain is vital to the survival of all living things. So, when rain brings difficult situations, we deal with them and we accept them because we understand that the rain is for the best overall.

Sometimes we forget that the storms of life are the same. Sometimes the storms come and they turn our world upside-down. We can’t see our way out of the storm. We forget that it is the storm that also brings forth nourishment. It is through battling the storm that we gain strength to overcome future obstacles. The key is to know where to focus your energy in the midst of a storm. As long as you keep yourself focused on Christ, you will pass through the storm. You will not always come out unharmed and you might come out of a storm a different person, but if you keep yourself focused on Christ, you will make it out of the storm and you will be nourished with a deeper love for God.

Thank God for rain!


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