Maintaining Moral Integrity with TV

I love to watch TV. It is a favorite pass time. It is the way that I prefer to unwind. I have a number of shows that I DVR every week. Unfortunately, there are many shows on TV which I enjoy watching but contain content that is not appropriate for a Christian to support. For instance, “Glee” is a great show. I love the music. The show is all about the music. It is the story of high school misfits that find their place in a glee club. They have incredible “choral” arrangements of popular songs. Since I spent several years as a choir director, I really enjoy the show. However, the show promotes homosexuality, teenage sex, infidelity and lying. I was really disappointed when I realized that a show that had such great potential lacked any regard for moral integrity.

As Christians, we have a responsibility to screen the things in which we choose to partake. It may be that nobody is watching. It may be that no one will ever question what you watch on TV or which websites you choose to visit. Of course, there is the standard answer, “God is watching.” That is a true statement, but to go even a step further, the media is watching. TV stations know how many people are watching a show at any given time. Internet sites monitor the number of hits on each page of their website. If you want to make a statement about the content that is on your TV, it is important that you do not watch shows that may call your moral integrity into question. You may only be one person, but if all Christians will stand up for our beliefs, we will make a difference in this world. Christ calls us to action. We are expected to live for Him and to conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the cross. That includes the things in which we choose to allow into our homes through the TV and the internet.

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”–Rom. 12:2

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