Honoring God or Yourself?

I live near a recreational sports facility. Each weekday morning, when I drive by the facility on the way to work, I notice that there is an empty parking lot. Of course, that makes sense because adults are at work and kids are in school. Then, of course, on my way home each day, the parking lot is full because people are off work and out of school. It’s time to have some fun.

On Sunday morning, however, as my family drives by this facility on the way to church, the parking lot is again full. Whatever happened to honoring God on Sundays? Now don’t get me wrong, it is wonderful that so many people are concerned about their physical fitness and that they have an outlet such as recreational sports. But, where is God in this picture?

It doesn’t stop simply at recreational sports facilities. It seems that many things are more important than church on Sunday mornings. I have seen people out mowing the lawn, washing the car or walking the dog. Home improvement stores, grocery stores and department stores are open for business on Sunday mornings; sometimes as early as 6:00am. I don’t place the blame (at least not all of it) on the retailer, but rather on the customer who chose to shop or on the one who chose to mow the lawn rather than to worship our Creator.

When did worshiping God become unimportant? I am talking about people who profess to believe in God and even to have a relationship with him. So many people choose to worship St. Mattress (as a former co-worker of mine once said) rather than to attend the assembly of believers to encourage each other through the act of corporate worship to the Father of all mankind.

To me, it is a matter of priorities. Who and what is most important in your life? Certainly, one would not neglect the workplace nor the feeding of the kids, yet it is so easy to neglect the One who has given us every good blessing in our lives. It seems that our lives are so full of good things that we don’t have time for the most important thing. In the end, how will you answer the Lord when he asks why you chose to mow the lawn or participate in a recreational activity rather than to assemble with believers to honor and glorify the Father? Ask yourself, “Is the result worth the sacrifice?”

May you choose to bless the Lord with your presence and your praise just as He who is holy has blessed you by dwelling within you.


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