Did You Think to Pray?

Have you ever stood in the middle of the room and just turned in circles because you have so many things going on that your brain cannot possibly process where to start? This is the way I have felt for the last month or so. There are several projects going on in the office and, of course, I have my family activities and duties…not to mention that spring is upon us and I am about to begin yard work…ugh!

There are seasons in life that bring with them added stress; i.e. the birth of a child, the death of a loved one, a new job, a new project at work and the list just goes on. How do you deal with the stress of life? Everyone deals with stress differently and stress affects each person differently.

When my life just seems to be piling on top of itself, I stop and remind myself to pray. God has an amazing ability to calm a soul that seems to be spinning out of control. He is able to put things into perspective and to help you navigate the rough patches of life. There is a great hymn, “Did You Think to Pray?” that sums up the affect of a prayer. In the chorus, Mary Kidder writes, “O how praying rests the weary! Prayer will change the night to day; so when life seems dark and dreary, don’t forget to pray.”


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