Going Home

This week, our church experienced the death of one of God’s saints. As I sat in the funeral service and listened to a son-in-law tell a little bit about her life, I thought about the legacy she had left behind. A child of the depression, she knew the importance of relying on God for strength. She knew about perseverance. She was a woman of God. The son-in-law told about a time when he was not a Christian. He would sit at the table and his mother-in-law would lovingly teach him about Christ. Then the preacher got up to deliver the eulogy. He spoke of her loving heart and he spoke with assured confidence of her home in glory. This woman lived her life in full and complete devotion to God.

As I thought about her legacy, I thought, “What will be my legacy? How will I be remembered?” I have never lived through truly rough times. I have never really been in want or in need. Of course, there have been times when I felt a little strapped for cash, but I have never experienced a time when I had to completely rely on God for strength because there was no food in the house. However, it is my goal in life to completely put my trust in God rather than in man. It is my desire to serve God with my whole heart. Someday, at the close of my life, I pray that my funeral will be a going home party; that the one delivering my eulogy will speak of me in terms like faithful, devoted and Christ-like. I have hope that the room will be filled with joy because I have left my family behind with the assured confidence that I have gained my reward in heaven.

What will be your legacy? Are you living your life worthy of the calling of Christ? Will your end of life ceremony be a going home celebration?


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