A Father’s Day Tribute

I cannot remember a time when Daddy was not there for me. Growing up, Daddy was always at everything in which I was involved.  Daddy always supported me.I never felt as though there was anything more important than me.  I do not remember a single instance when I asked Daddy to be at one of my events or to support me in one way or another and he did not do it.  He made sure that I knew how much he loved me.  Even today, there is nothing that I treasure more than to know that Daddy supports me.  I call him often to ask his advice.I regard his wisdom highly.

Daddy taught me first and foremost to honor God above all.  He taught me to love my mother and to care for my brother and sister.  He taught me to treat my possessions with care and to handle money in a godly manner.  Daddy taught me to honor my word and to be proud of my work.  He taught me to devote myself to the Word of God and to prayer.  He taught me to seek relationships within the Kingdom of God and to stay away from the paths of this world.  Through example, Daddy taught me how to treat my wife and kids; to love, honor and cherish them.

I esteem Daddy as my best role model.  I strive to emulate him in all that I do.  If I can live the life that Daddy modeled before me, I am confident that I am following God right beside him.  It is my prayer that Susan, Colton and Lynzie will always know how much I love them through my actions and my overall lifestyle, and I know that the amount of love that I have for my family is a gift given to me through Daddy’s love for me.

I love you, Daddy.Happy Father’s Day!


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