Where I Go To Encounter God

I have two favorite places on earth—actually three, but since Walt Disneyworld is not part of God’s nature, I won’t include it.  Although I haven’t had many opportunities to dive beneath the surface of the ocean, I consider the depths to be one of my favorite places because of its serenity and absolute beauty.

Without contestation, my absolute favorite place on earth is Camp Blue Haven.  Camp Blue Haven is located in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains just outside of Las Vegas, NM.  For me, Blue Haven holds nearly a lifetime of memories since I have spent at least some time there most summers since I was twelve years old.  If you were to ask me where I feel closest to God, my answer would be Camp Blue Haven.

As soon as my tires hit the dirt road, I like to roll down my window and breathe deep the fragrance of fresh pine and listen closely to the rippling water as it flows gently down the Tecolote Creek.  I envision, as though it’s right in front of me, the first glimpse of the camp as I wind down the dusty road in my mind’s eye.  I then turn to cross the bridge (I even remember the old bridge—the one that didn’t really look safe to cross) and see the sign that reads simply, “Camp Blue Haven,” and right behind it, the mansion, which is actually the caretakers home,  and then the dining hall up on the hill.  It is all so familiar to me, yet it isn’t what brings me so close to God. 

I think of the evening campfires and the hikes through the wilderness that take you to remote and beautiful sceneries such as Marble Falls, a three-tiered waterfall, and Hermit’s Peak, a beautiful mountain peak from whose vantage point you can see forever!  I think of “The Roost,” a place just a few minutes hike behind the dining hall where you can view the mountaintops of El Cielo, Hermit’s Peak and Johnson’s Mesa.  Yet still, this is not what brings me so close to God. 

I think of the worship lifted up to our omnipotent God, whether it is at a campfire or on the deck of the dining hall or in the barn or in the simulated Catacomb worship or on the side of a mountain.  I think of the elation of hearts because of the fellowship of Christians who come together to experience God together for a few days, each removed from the distractions of the outside world.  I think of the lives that are forever changed because decisions are made to clothe themselves with Christ through baptism in that cold water of the Tecolote.  This is what brings me close to God.

I realize that the worship and the fellowship and even new Christians being added to the Kingdom are all things that can occur wherever I am, but the fact that it all happens right in the middle of God’s most glorious creation makes it so perfect.  There is something very special to me about spending time in God’s unadulterated world, where the only sounds you hear are the sounds of the birds and the rustling of leaves.  For me, it is a most precious time to commune with the Father of all creation.

Where do you go to encounter God?  It is different for each person but it is an all important occurrence.  If you have never found the place where you can be completely alone with your thoughts to God, find it.  It can be your recliner or your backyard.  For some, it will be the lake or the mountaintop.  Find it.  Rejoice in your God and commune with Him.  It will change your life!


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