The Gift of the Senses

Last weekend, Susan and I had the privilege of enjoying the Fort Worth Symphony perform two works by Mozart as well as two works by Salieri (a contemporary of Mozart). As I sat listening to the music and watching the synchronization of the strings, I began thinking of the incredible blessings God has given each of us: our senses; specifically our senses of hearing and seeing. These, as well as the other three senses, are far too often taken for granted. Every day, we go through our lives hearing and seeing, tasting and touching, smelling and…well, there’s not another one. It’s just part of our lives. Rarely do we stop to think of the wonderful gifts that we have received.

There are several occasions in the Gospels where Jesus heals those who are blind, deaf, mute or lame. Mark 7:31-37 tells the story of Jesus healing a deaf mute. John 9:1-7 recalls the instance of Jesus telling a man who had been blind since birth to wash in the Pool of Siloam after making a mud pack for his eyes. Yet another example is Jesus’ healing of the paralytic in Matthew 9:2-7. In each of these examples, as well as many others, the healed went away rejoicing. They had been given a gift that they had not previously known.

Can you imagine what it must have been like to see or hear for the very first time? Think about being 30 or 40 years old and having never witnessed a sunrise or heard the cry of a newborn baby. How great would your joy be to be given those opportunities after so many years without?

Each of us is blessed in unfathomable ways. While there are some who do not enjoy the pleasure of all five senses, or perhaps they don’t have the full capacity of one or more of those senses, all of us are fortunate to possess the faculties that we do have. It’s so easy to forget that the little things like seeing and hearing are actually great big things. If we were without our senses, we would feel lost.

We serve a mighty God and it is evidenced in so many ways. The next time you hear a symphony orchestra or a bird singing in the trees, thank God for that gift. The next time you see a rainbow in the sky or the stars sparkling at night, thank God for that gift. Not only have we been given the gifts of hearing and seeing, but God has also given us His creation of beautiful sounds and scenes.


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