I expected the day to be miserably hot.  It was the middle of the summer and I had a big job ahead of me.  It had already been an incredibly busy week…month…several months.  All the boxes were packed and it was time to load the U-Haul.  My family, for the first time, was making a major move.  We had made the decision for me to accept the position as Worship Minister at West Freeway Church of Christ, in Fort Worth, TX.  We made a conscious decision to leave all of our friends and everything we had known for the past 12 or so years.  We made a conscious decision for me to change careers and for Susan to become a stay-at-home mom.

On July 11, 2008 (the day after our son’s 1st birthday party surrounded by moving boxes), the skies were overcast and there was a drizzle in the air…much more comfortable for hard work than I was anticipating.  We got the U-Haul loaded and left the next morning to begin the newest phase of our life.

Over the last three years, my family has gained a beautiful little girl, lost a great dog and gained many, many friends (many of whom are more like family than friends).  We have rejoiced over many new births (both physical and spiritual) and we have wept over illnesses and deaths.  We have loved and we have been loved.  To count the ways in which we have been blessed is an impossible task, as is attempting to say thank you for each kindness shown to us over the past few years. 

I believe that God put us in this place for very specific reasons…some of which we may not realize for many years.  I know that I have grown in maturity and wisdom because of my experiences and relationships.  I know that my family is stronger because of the love that has been shown to us over the past three years.

Sunday (Dec. 25th) is my last day here at West Freeway and I will begin my work as Young Families Minister at The Church of Christ at The Colonies on January 1, 2012.  I believe that I could not effectively minister at The Colonies had I not first worked with the wonderful people of West Freeway.  Susan and I will be forever grateful for our time here.  We love you all.  Please continue to pray for us as we return to the place we like to call home.  We will likewise, continue to pray for you and for the work that you do for the kingdom of God. 

Come see us anytime and we will certainly be back to visit when time allows.

(I will continue to write my weekly blog.) 


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