Settled In

It’s been over a month since my last post.  Susan and I are finally getting settled in.  Almost all of the boxes are out of the house and some of the pictures are even on the wall.  We won’t talk about the garage.  Our move back to Amarillo has been a tremendous process.  I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the elders of the Church of Christ at the Colonies for giving me a wonderful opportunity to work with the young families here and to also thank them for providing our family with a moving company.  What a blessing that was.

Last Friday, we had a get together for the young families here and we had a great turnout.  Several families came and we had a wonderful time of fellowship.  In March I will begin my first Bible class entitled “The Passenger Seat.”  We will look at what God’s purpose is for our lives and how we are to manage families and God in today’s fast-paced society. 

God has truly blessed our transition and I know that he will guide us as we continue to work in the Kingdom here in Amarillo.  May he also bless the work that is happening at West Freeway in Fort Worth.  The church has already been blessed by Britt Farmer and his family.  My prayers will always be with the church there.  We love and miss you.

May your 2012 be blessed and more importantly, may you continue in God’s service; reading the Word, serving the world and encouraging the weak. 


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